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Freeman-Thomas Early Education Consulting, LLC business established in  2017, the founder Regina, is an early education professional who has spent a lifetime of nurturing preschool children and helping them to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. She is an experienced leader who has worked within the Antelope Valley early learning community for the past 26 years.  Freeman-Thomas Early Education Consulting, LLC business is dedicated to supporting programs that serve children ages birth-to-five and aspire to offer high quality early learning programs.


About Regina Thomas

Regina Thomas received her Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and went on to receive her Master's degree in Public Administration with Honors.  She has worked in the field of early education for over 35 years in both the private and public sectors.  Within her tenure, she successfully assisted schools in selecting and implementing curriculum, provided professional development, assisted teachers in obtaining their preschool teacher qualifications, mentoring and coaching various personnel, and worked with parents on supporting their children in school.  Regina spent over 10 years maintaining school compliance with the state of California Community Care Licensing department and coordinated the opening of six new infant toddler and preschool facilities for a large educational organization.  In 2001, Regina co-wrote a General Childcare grant that provided 60 slots for four-to-five year olds and  36 Early Head Start infant toddler slots and both grants were successfully funded.  Early Childhood Education is her lifelong passion and she is committed to working with programs that support our earliest learners. 

Professional Associations

✅ Association of California School Administrations (ASCA)

✅ National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

✅ California State University Northridge Alumni

Community Service

✅ The BLISS Foundation, CEO


✅ Published Co-Author




 We offer a complimentary one-hour consult to go over the clients needs and our services.  After the initial consultation we follow up with the owner, principal or director to recommend  the appropriate service for your needs.   



 When  hired consultants are available on an hourly basis to meet with leaders  and discuss various strategies to enhance program services. Research  show that professional development, teacher qualifications, parent  support, classroom assessments, and high leverage educational strategies  are important priorities for child development programs to embrace. If  you are rebuilding your program or starting from scratch, during  consultations we will assist you in identifying your needs based on  trends of the industry, and provide you with an understanding of  requirements for becoming a high quality early childhood education  program.   



This informative workshop is designed to aid programs in developing a viable school readiness assessment plan, the importance of using appropriate assessments built around teacher observation and analysis of students work. Attendees will learn the importance of identifying learning barriers, design strategies for children to overcome them, plan new strategies, educate parents about their child's development and individual progress, and share information between school systems and other providers.

Care and Supervision


Facilitation of safe practice is at the core of every program. Adults responsible for the safety of children must be familiar with rules and regulations of community care licensing, fire department, and program policy. This workshop will provide attendees with information on regulations, violations, and program standards. They will also engage in collaborative groups to discuss safety scenarios and learn how to identify and implement care and supervision best practice.

Play-Based Learning


This highly interactive workshop is designed to aid teachers in creating the best possible environment for children and developing viable lesson plans that will engage them in learning. Attendees will explore play-based learning materials that will stimulate young children's eagerness to learn curiosity, social and cognitive development. Additionally, this workshop will enhance participants knowledge and skill at inspiring play in our youngest learners to significantly build up their development.

Home to School Support


This course is designed to help parents understand the importance of home to school relationships; how family and parental involvement has its advantages in children's education, motivation, and achievement. Attendees will gain a perspective of their parenting style and how to move within the spectrum depending on their child's needs; how to form partnerships with teachers, how to set up an atmosphere for homework, get a perspective on managing homework, and understanding parents role in the school and community. 


Preschool to Kindergarten Transition


This informative workshop is designed to aid programs in developing a viable plan to transition preschoolers into kindergarten, support parents and share information between school district and other providers. Attendees will engage in a step-by-step exercise developing all sections of a transition plan necessary to prepare children for kindergarten readiness. Attendees will learn how to extract data from student assessments to help set direction for continuous learning.  

The Brain of Teens, Tweens and Toddlers


This informative workshop is designed to  support parents and teachers in gaining a better perspective of how children's brains develop and ways in which to support their brain development. Attendees will engage in group discussion and role play. Attendees will increase or gain new knowledge about the 4 developmental stages of children and how they differ from each age group as identified by Jean Piaget 1952. Attendees will learn the importance of keeping the brain in mind when working with children. 

High Leverage Educational Strategies


One of the fundamentals of high leverage educational strategies includes employing quality teachers who embrace early childhood education and have an understanding of the value of setting up for children's interest and interactions to promote growth and development. Participants will learn important strategies on how to provide intentional individualization to preschool children in order to promote greater learning results. Participants will engage in discussion and hands on activities that supports high leverage classroom instruction where children are offered choices to explore, play and learn as they expand their knowledge of school and the world in which they live. 

Classroom Management


This highly interactive workshop is designed to aid teachers in maintaining appropriate learning environments where children have consistency, know their routine, and feel a sense of community and accountability. Attendees will learn to develop classroom norms, collaborate with participants on classroom organizational skills, make a plan for daily transitions, and acquire tips on planning engaging instructional learning strategies.

Early Literacy


Early literacy is a vital building block in every classroom. Teachers are responsible for developing a print rich learning environment to enhance preschoolers vocabulary. Attendees will learn how to engage children in read aloud activities that build on their concepts about books and print, comprehension, letter knowledge, as well as phonological awareness and more. Attendees will also learn how to support parents with home to school early literacy activities. 



Freeman-Thomas Early Education Consulting is also committed to providing high quality researched based parenting training. The training is intended to be educational in nature to teach concrete skills, to better parent, and to be a more effective partner in raising children of all ages. Topics include: Parenting Basics, Understanding Your Child, Parenting Styles and Loving Your Children, Role Modeling, Empathy, Communication, Discipline, Stress  Management, Children and Divorce, Co-Parenting, Step Parenting and Single Parenting.     

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Mission Statement

The Freeman-Thomas Early Education Consulting business, based on commitment to early learners, seeks to provide early education professionals with high quality learning strategies through staff development designed to promote preschool children's social and emotional and intellectual development.

Our Philosophy

We will support early childhood professionals by providing them with early learning strategies to ensure that vital high quality early childhood education information is available to all students, families, and communities. 


"The presenter gave good ideas on how to add different items in our class so that children become engaged and interested in the class." Kern Count Infant Toddler Seminar Participant

" I really enjoyed Regina's presentation on the importance of early childhood education and our discussion on the book titled,  The 5 Love Languages of Children." Sun Village Women's Club Participant

Inspirational Quote

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."       

Benjamin Franklin                                            


The Antelope Valley Community College spring 2019, Foster & Kinship Care Education Seminars schedule is available. 

For more information call the Antelope Valley College Foster & Kinship Care department at 661-722-6300, ext 6497.  I will be a guest lecturer for two spring seminars. 


Q.  Why play?

A.  Play facilitates learning. Behavioral research establishes relationships between children's play and development in several areas, including language (Toub et al.2018), executive functions (Tominey & McClellan 2011), mathematics and spatial skills (Fisher et al. 2013), scientific thinking (Schultz & Bonawitz 2007), and social and emotional development (Dore, Smith & Lillard 2015). 

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